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Sep 26, 2012

HyperPanda Week 39 Special Offers

If you're looking for a Samsung SMART TV, HyperPanda has just slashed SR2700 of a 40" model in this HyperPanda Week 39 Special Offers Catalog. Huge discount despite the fact that it is a Series 4 Samsung SMART TV. Lots of price slashes on in this issue too so expand the HyperPanda Week 39 Special Offers link check them out!

Sep 25, 2012

iPhone 5 Now Available At Danube

Danube has announced that they have the iPhone 5 on sale. Officially, the iPhone 5 is not yet available in Saudi Arabia hence the stocks at Danube may be limited and may be priced higher.

On the Apple Store website, the iPhone 5 16GB price is $199 with contract and $649 or roughly SR2500.

Sep 16, 2012

Jarir Bookstore September 14 - 30 2012 Special Offers Flyer

Jarir Bookstore has released a Back to School Special Offers Flyer for the final two weeks of September 2012. This Special Offers Flyer features a lot of freebies and price slashes on smartphones and cameras. Check it out!

Sep 14, 2012

Jarir Bookstore Samsung Smartphones Amazing Offers Flyer

Jarir Bookstore wants you to have a Samsung Smartphone at the cheapest prices available. They've just slashed prices by almost 300 Riyals just so you can have that Samsung smartphone you've always craved... well until at least the iPhone 5 comes to Jarir Bookstore that is.  But that's another post for another time..

In this Amazing Offers flyer by Jarir Bookstore, the Samsung Galaxy S III is now at just SR 2199 with a freebies 16GB MicroSD Card and 3 months 15GB Internet Sim. Jarir has also drastically slashed the price on the Samsung Galaxy Beam--the Samsung smartphone that has a built-in projector--now at just SR 1699 with a freebie 1 month 15GB Internet Sim. Other Samsung Galaxy smartphones in this Amazing Offers by Jarir is the Samsung Galaxy S II at SR 1599, Samsung Galaxy S Advance at SR 1299 and the Samsung Galaxy Ace Dual at SR 719. Check it out!

Sep 12, 2012

Sheta and Saif September 2012 Promo Catalog

Sheta and Saif has just released their September 2012 Promo Catalog and it features price slashes on laptops, tablets, LED TV's and other gadgets. Expand the link below to check out Sheta and Saif's September 2012 Promo Catalog.

Sep 11, 2012

HyperPanda Week 37 Special Offers

Not much gadgets or electronic special offers in this HyperPanda Week37 release, but if you need to buy some groceries, they have a mix and match promo in the supermarket section. HyperPanda Week37 Special Offers is valid from the 12th until the 18th of September 2012

Carrefour Brand Festival Big Brands Low Prices Special Offers

Carrefour strikes first with its special offers this month. Carrefour has slashed prices on most of the Big Brands to almost 50% off. Check it out! Carrefour Brand Festival Big Brands Low Prices Special Offers is valid from the 12th until 25th of September, 2012.

Sep 6, 2012

HyperPanda Week 36 Back To School Special Offers

HyperPanda has just released their Back To School (part 2) Week 36 Special Offers Catalog. This particular shows a lot of promise what with inexpensive laptops and lots of freebies. There's also a couple of price slashes here and there. Expand the link below to check out HyperPanda's Week 36 Back To School Special Offers

Sep 4, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Price In Jarir Bookstore

Samsung has now taken the successful Galaxy name into tablet form with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Featuring a 1.4GHz Quad-core CPU and Android Ice Cream Sandwich, it has found it's way to Saudi Arabia. Now at Jarir Bookstore at SAR 2699 with a freebie 10GB Internet Sim.

Sep 3, 2012

Danube Back To School Special Offers

Check out the last two pages of this Danube Back To School Special Offers featuring a very inexpensive tablet plus a huge price-slash on the new iPad 3.

Othaim Week 2 Back To School Promo Offers

Here's Week 2 of Othaim Hypermaket's Back To School Promo. Expand the link to check it out!