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Mar 29, 2012

Lulu Hypermaket Anniversary Sale (Riyadh)

FINISHED. Click HERE for the latest Lulu Hypermarket Promo.

Well what do you know, Lulu Riyadh is now a year old and the PA announcer is blasting out promo after promo for their Anniversary sale!!! The sale not only features food, cookware, and accessories but also appliances and electronic goodies with price slashes and freebies.

Mar 28, 2012

Jarir Bookstore Biggest Smartphone Offers

FINISHED. Click HERE for the latest Jarir Bookstore Promo.

Jarir Bookstore: not just a bookstore but your next smartphone destination. At least that's what they're marketing! But truth be told, with more than 20% off in prices, these are currently the best smartphone deals in Riyadh what with  iPhone and Nokia Internet Packages, price slashes with Blackberry Bold, Curve models, HTC (+ Beatz Headsets) Sensation models, EVO 3D, Wildfire S, Explorer, LG Optimus series, Samsung Galaxy series, Sony Experia series, and freebies for selected Motorola models.

Carrefour Smashing Prices

Carrefour has released its Smashing Prices promo flyer with price slashes and freebies for your favorite gadgets! Check it out!

Mar 22, 2012

Ahmed Abdulwahed Spring Break Promotion

While the kids are on break, why not go out shopping at Ahmed Abdulwahed! For this Spring Break only, Abdulwahed slashes prices on popular devices such as the iPhone 4S 16GB at SAR 2349, iPad 2 19GB Wifi/3G at SAR 1999 , Samsung Galaxy S II at SAR 1849 and Tab 7" at SAR 1599 plus many more price slashes on TV's, Laptops, DSLR's and Cameras.

iPad 3 At Jarir Bookstore

This Promo has expired, CLICK HERE for the new price.

This Friday, March 22, 2012 Jarir Bookstore opens its doors to a few lucky customers who want the currently most coveted device this 2012, Apple's iPad 3.

Even though Apple's forums have been flooded with complaints that the iPad 3 is overheating and cannot/won't connect to WiFi, the newest iteration of the iPad is the fastest selling gadget in the world right now what with its Super High-Def screen that explodes with 3.1 million colors.

Starting at SAR 2399, the iPad 3 comes in a limited quantity so start queuing the lines!!!

Mar 14, 2012

20% Off On All Electronics At Carrefour

Hey folks! Carrefour is slicing off 20% on all Electronics and gadgets!!!!

Here's the Schedule for the first week of 20% discounts at Carrefour:

March 14 and 21: Laptops, Printers, Tablets, Video Games and Accessories
March 15 and 22: Smartphones, Mobiles and their accessories
March 16 and 23: TV's, LED and LCD, Receivers, DVD Players and Projectors
March 17: Digital Cameras and SLR, Photo Frames and Memory Cards
March 18: Washing Machines, Fridges, Airconditioners, and Cookers
March 19: Home theaters, HiFi and Accessories
March 20: Blenders, Vacuum Cleaners, Food Processors, Irons and Microwaves

Mar 8, 2012

HyperPanda 7000 Winners for 7 Days Promo

FINISHED. Click HERE for the latest HyperPanda Promo.

It's a sale rampage with lots of freebies in Hyper Panda!!! Plus you could be one of the 7,000 that will be chosen to get a trolley of groceries! The HyperPanda catalog even says that you get the trolley for free! LOL! But why not!? Check out HyperPanda's Week 10 Promo!

Mar 6, 2012

eXtra Ask For Last Piece Clearance Stock

eXtra Stores is giving away the Samsung Galaxy Y S5630 and some more freebies with either the Samsung Galaxy S II or the Samsung Galaxy Note. They've also slashed prices on a lot of gadgets like smartphones, digital cameras, TV's, game consoles, laptops, tablets etcetera plus get a bigger discount when you're lucky enough to buy the last item! Get the best buys at eXtra!

Mar 3, 2012

Jarir Bookstore Exclusive Offers Flyer

FINISHED. Click HERE for the latest Jarir Bookstore Promo.

Jarir Bookstore presents its Exclusive Offers flyer that feature the Samsung 300E Series laptops with 7 freebies (which I reckon should be worth around 500 Riyals for the i3 Series and a whopping 1000 Riyals worth of freebies for the i5 series)! Top laptop specs, great bargain! Check it out!!!