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Jun 27, 2012

HyperPanda Week 26 Promos

FINISHED. Click HERE for the latest HyperPanda Promo.

Week 26 of HyperPanda Promos, like the Jarir Special Offers Flyer, is quite unspectacular. I guess they're prepping up for larger price slashes and promos come Ramadan. The food section looks promising though... Expand the link below and maybe you can find a promo that'll suit you!

Jarir Bookstore June-July 2012 Special Offers Flyer

'Aint nothing special about this new Jarir Bookstor June-July (15) Special Offers Flyer. You simply get a free 1 month 10GB Internet Pack when you buy any 3G enabled device not named iPhone or Samsung Galaxy SIII. You may want to check out pages 2 and 3 if you want to buy some inexpensive laptops but otherwise nothing spectacular.

Jun 26, 2012

Sheta & Saif June-July 2012 Summer Promo

Aside from the price slash on that Samsung Smart TV, Sheta & Saif has also slashed around SR 200 off the New iPad 3's and have the lowest price on the Samsung Galaxy SIII!!! Expand the link below to check out more price slashes and low prices on other gadgets and electronics on this June-July (14) 2012 issue of Sheta & Saif's Summer Promo brochure!

Sheta & Saif Summer Sale

Check out this whopping deal from Sheta & Saif! A SR1500 price slash on a Samsung 40" LED Smart TV! Dang!!!

Jun 23, 2012

Jarir Bookstore Summer Offers Flyer

It's hot! hot! hot! Check out Jarir Bookstore's Summer Offers that's gonna burn your pockets!!! ;)

eXtra Stores Shopping Guide

eXtra low prices at eXtra Stores!!! Taking up to almost 50% off on gadgets, electronics, and stuff, they are pretty good deals!

Taking center-fold are the MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros. With the introduction of the new MacBook Retina, prices have gone down a bit on these MacBooks so now may be a good time to purchase one--maybe.

Also with the arrival of the very popular Samsung Galaxy S3 (first page at 2499 SAR), the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, previously at 2499 SAR, is now at just 1599 SAR!

Worth a look? Expand the link below and check out what's up at eXtra Stores!

Lulu Hypermarket Holiday Shopping Guide

Last Thursday I was over at Lulu Hypermarket to run some errands at the grocery store and what do you know, Vice Presidente Jejomar Binay was there too on a visit for Lulu's Mabuhay special. As mentioned in my previous post, Lulu Hypermarket is on a (up to) 50% Summer sale, but which ends on June 26, 2012, so Lulu released their new Holiday Shopping Guide (ends July 3, 2012), which I presume is in preparation for the upcoming Ramadan Sale. Expand the link below to check out Lulu Hypermarket's Holiday Shopping Guide.

Jun 19, 2012

Lulu Hypermarket 50% SALE

It's summer in Saudi Arabia and it's hot! hot! hot! You may wanna drop by Lulu Hypermarket to maybe cool down or maybe set your wallets on fire! Lulu Hypermarket is on a 50% Summer Sale right now so why not?!

Jun 5, 2012

June-July 2012 Jarir Bookstore Shopping Guide

Jarir Bookstore, Saudi Arabia's premier bookstore that's not just a bookstore has released its highly anticipated Jarir Shopping Guide for June -  July 2012.

Showcased in this June - July 2012 Issue of the Jarir Shopping Guide include the Nokia 808 PureView smartphone which packs a 41 Megapixel camera at 1999 SAR and one of the best smartphones in the market right now, the Samsung Galaxy SIII at 2499 SAR. With the arrival of these new smartphones, prices of some older models have been slashed by at least 10%! Missing from the lineup though is Siri's best smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 900, which, according to sources, is said to be coming to Saudi Arabia in the third quarter of 2012.

Highly advertised also are the multiple Ultrabooks which rival Apple's Mac Air in specs and innovations, albeit, also in price. But I would advise that you wait around for Windows 8 to be released, which is right around the bend.

Jarir has also boosted its range of DSLR's though it may be advisable to buy in Asian countries where I have found them to be way less expensive.

And more!!! Click Expand below to begin browsing the  June-July 2012 Jarir Bookstore Shopping Guide.