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Feb 29, 2012

HyperPanda Week 9 Promo (Feb 29 - Mar 6, 2012)

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HyperPanda has just released the 9th catalog of their weekly promotions and the collection has gotten much bigger than the last promo with price slashes, freebies, and discount cards on gadgets and electronics plus they're still on a roll with their 10 RIYAL ZONE in camping equipment and kitchenware! Check it out!

Feb 22, 2012

Jarir Shopping Guide February-March 2012 Issue

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Jarir Bookstore's awaited Shopping Guide is now available featuring the next big thing in mobile computing: the Ultrabook. They slashed prices on some smartphones and laptops but you may compare them with the other flyers posted here for price differences. A lot of new shiny stuff to catch your eye in this February-March 2012 issue of the Jarir Shopping Guide but not much difference with price slashes, discounts, and freebies as the last issue.

HyperPanda Week 8 Promo (Feb 22-28 2012)

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With this week's Promo Catalogue from Hyper Panda comes a lot of discounts and price slashes on electronics and gadgets plus they are still promoting their SAR 10 promo on grocery items!

Feb 17, 2012

Jarir Exclusive Offers

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With the exception of Sheta & Saif selling the iPhone 4S 16Gb for 2699, prices for the iPhone 4S are pretty much the same around Riyadh with the iPhone 4S starting at SAR 2799. It all boils down now to the freebies that come when purchasing the iPhone 4S.

Well, here's Jarir Bookstore's freebie (hadiya) for the iPhone 4S: a Case and Screen Protector from XtremeMac worth SAR 128 with every purchase of the iPhone 4S 16Gb (SAR 2799). With a purchase of the 32 and 64 Gb versions of the iPhone 4S, you get the screen protector plus you get to choose wheather you want the XtremeMac case or stand.

You have to check out the freebie for the Samsung Galaxy S II though: a free Samsung Galaxy Y (which I reviewed right HERE.) plus you get a 3 month Internet Package of 5Gb all for the price of SAR 2499.

Jarir Bookstore has also slashed SAR 1000 of the Motorola RAZR! You can get the previously SAR 2199-priced Motorola RAZR for just SAR 1999. Whew!

Feb 15, 2012

Lulu Digital World Promo Flyer

FINISHED. Click HERE for the latest Lulu Hypermarket Promo.

Dang! Lulu Supermarket has just released their Digital World promo flyer and they've slashed 10-20% on laptops, TV's, gadgets, accessories and the lot! Check it out! Promo ends on the third of March, 2012 or if they're still there!

HyperPanda Week 7 Promo (Feb 15-24 2012)

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Not much discounts and freebies from this promo issue from HyperPanda, well, unless you're going to the grocery store where the items there are on a massive sale--up to 75% discount. Still worth seeing if  you ask me! ;)

Carrefour's Digital World: Get Connected Promo

Carrefour is giving away a lot of freebies included with purchases of Laptops, PC Accessories, Tablets, Smartphones, Digicams, DSLR's and TV's!!! The Carrefour Digital World Get Connected starts today til the 24th of January, 2012.

Feb 9, 2012

Hyper Panda Ultimate Fantastic Offer

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Hyper Panda has just released their Ultimate Fantastic Offers brochure that features Intel Cores i3 and i5 Laptops that come cheap and offer 300 and 500 discount vouchers respectively on your next purchase. An iPhone 16Gb 4S with discount vouchers and a 6 month free Internet Sim and more smartphones at reasonable prices. Also LCD and Plasma TV's at super low prices and freebies! Check it out!!!

Feb 2, 2012

Hyper Panda Best Offer Special

Hyper Panda has slashed prices on laptops, TV's and smartphones plus including speaker systems, wireless keyboards and mice, and more!

Jarir Bookstore Special Offer Flyer Jan-Feb 2012

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Jarir Bookstore has released its promo offerings this summer! Jarir's Special Offer flyer provides prices on the latest gadgets in stock plus a lot f freebies like a free 3 month 15Gb subscription with laptops and tablets, free bluetooth headseats and car chargers with smartphones, Citizen watches with digicams, free portable speakers with iPods and more!!! Check out the HTC smartphone that comes with a free Beats headset too!

source: www.jarirbookstore.com