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Sep 14, 2012

Jarir Bookstore Samsung Smartphones Amazing Offers Flyer

Jarir Bookstore wants you to have a Samsung Smartphone at the cheapest prices available. They've just slashed prices by almost 300 Riyals just so you can have that Samsung smartphone you've always craved... well until at least the iPhone 5 comes to Jarir Bookstore that is.  But that's another post for another time..

In this Amazing Offers flyer by Jarir Bookstore, the Samsung Galaxy S III is now at just SR 2199 with a freebies 16GB MicroSD Card and 3 months 15GB Internet Sim. Jarir has also drastically slashed the price on the Samsung Galaxy Beam--the Samsung smartphone that has a built-in projector--now at just SR 1699 with a freebie 1 month 15GB Internet Sim. Other Samsung Galaxy smartphones in this Amazing Offers by Jarir is the Samsung Galaxy S II at SR 1599, Samsung Galaxy S Advance at SR 1299 and the Samsung Galaxy Ace Dual at SR 719. Check it out!


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