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Aug 18, 2012

Al Garawi Center Something Big Sale

I went to Batha on a whim and ended up buying some shoes at the Al Garawi Center(main). Al Garawi, dear readers, are on Sale right now! Al Garawi calls it the SOMETHING BIG SALE and they claim that "This time is bigger than super mega" so it certainly must be "Something Big!" Well it was certainly something big since Merrel, CAT, Converse, Hush Puppies, Harley Davidson, Cushe, et al apparel like shoes, caps, bags and clothes are on sale from up to 50%! Anyways, if you have some free time, some extra cash, and a lot of patience to elbow your way through the crowds, head up to Al Garawi's Something Big Sale.

This is not techie you say? Heck! Even a techie has to look y'all!!!



what its last date of closing?

ian purugganan

hi @393274262052e1e1fe2804769af168d9:disqus! i think 'til supplies last!

Dí lo que piensas...